Ole Barn

Preserving the Ole 1850’s Barn at Forest Home Farms Historic Park

The San Ramon Historic Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to the preservation of San Ramon’s early farms and homesteads. In the past the Foundation has partnered with the City of San Ramon in the restoration of Forest Home Farms Historic Park, including the David Glass House.

Now the Foundation has taken on the very large task of fundraising for the restoration of one of the oldest remaining structures in the San Ramon Valley, the Ole 1850s Barn located at Forest Home Farms Historic Park.

Barn History

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The preliminary estimate for restoration and renovation of the barn is $756,000.

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Donations for the Ole Barn Project

Be a part of history! The San Ramon Historic Foundation is accepting tax deductible donations for the restoration effort. Click the button below to donate using your Credit Card via Pay Pal:

Contributions may also be sent to the following address:

San Ramon Historic Foundation
PO Box 1
San Ramon, CA 94583

Or you may contact us at sanramonhf@gmail.com for more information about this effort, or to volunteer in our fundraising efforts.